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The Relationship Compatibility Quiz

We pride ourselves on doing the research necessary to offer empirically backed material that is educational in nature and not just entertainment. We have included a wide range of well documented metrics when it comes to couples building lasting, fulfilling relationships in the design of this quiz.

Whilst The Relationship Satisfaction Scale should not be seen as a final verdict, it can be trusted to shed light on how well you and your partner mesh. It’s not meant to dictate whether you should break up, but rather to help you evaluate your relationship’s alignment with your ideals. Remember, people stay together for reasons that aren’t always obvious, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wrong.

Your current emotions may cloud your perception of your relationship, so this quiz aims to bring clarity and perspective. Answer each question thoughtfully, considering your long-term relationship rather than focusing on this current rough patch. Even healthy relationships have moments of frustration and impatience.

Your final score, out of 100, will reflect the overall health of your relationship. Scoring above 80% puts you in Mastery levels of relational living. From there you descend into what Terry Real would refer to as ‘comfortable misery’ and enter what the Gottmans’ refer to as ‘the glacial slide to infidelity or marital dissolution,’ which ever happens first.

This exercise will pinpoint potential areas for improvement. If you decide to share your results with your partner, it could spark a productive conversation about whether you’re both willing to work on those areas, ultimately improving your relationship satisfaction score and beginning to build the relationship you both dreamt of.

Take the Take the Relationship Compatibility Quiz

For a truly insightful result, this compatibility quiz has a full 40 questions to zero in on potential growth areas. It's not a replacement for quality one-on-one time with a trusted professional, but it'll give you a solid starting point. Sharing and unpacking the results with your partner could kick off a meaningful conversation about whether you're on the same page for tackling those opportunities head-on. This is how you begin leveling up your relationship satisfaction score towards the passionate partnership you really want.

1 Do you enjoy engaging in similar activities or hobbies?

2 Can you both find humour in challenging situations?

3 Do you feel that your shared interests and values provide a solid foundation for deeper discussions and philosophical exploration?

4 Do you and your partner share similar core beliefs and values?

5 How aligned are your life goals and moral compass?

6 How satisfied are you with the sexual aspect of your relationship?

7 Do you feel comfortable discussing your sexual needs with your partner?

8 Are you both open to exploring and adapting to each other's desires?

9 Do you feel your turn ons and turn offs are understood and respected?

10 How often do you and your partner share laughter?

11 Do your philosophical perspectives and beliefs about the world complement each other?

12 Are your spiritual beliefs and aspirations aligned in a way you both find pleasing?

13 Are you moving towards common goals in your relationship and personal lives?

14 How willing are you to compromise on individual aspirations for the sake of the relationship?

15 Do you regularly discuss and reassess your shared vision for the future?

16 How effectively do you both handle unexpected obstacles and life changes that may affect your shared goals and direction?

17 How satisfied are you with the level of interaction with each other's friends and family?

18 Do you feel supported and included in each other's social circles?

19 Are there any conflicts arising from differences in social preferences or expectations?

20 How well do you both accommodate and support each other’s preferences for socialising in either intimate settings or large groups?

21 How effectively do you and your partner resolve disagreements?

22 Do you feel like you are both able to compromise and find mutually beneficial solutions during disagreements?

23 Are you both able to maintain respect for each other's boundaries during conflicts?

24 Do you feel safe expressing your needs and concerns without fear of judgment or retaliation?

25 How well do you understand each other's thoughts, feelings, and experiences?

26 How effectively do you and your partner learn from past conflicts and use those lessons to improve your communication?

27 How comfortable do you both feel expressing your honest thoughts and feelings, even when it might be difficult or uncomfortable?

28 Are you both actively engaged in listening and showing interest in each other's lives?

29 Are you satisfied with the distribution of household responsibilities?

30 How willing are you to adjust chore assignments based on changing circumstances?

31 Do you communicate openly about expectations and preferences regarding household tasks?

32 Do you both regularly express gratitude and appreciation for each other’s contributions to household chores and responsibilities?

33 How supported do you feel by your partner during times of stress or illness?

34 Are you both able to provide comfort and understanding when needed?

35 Do you feel emotionally connected and validated in your relationship?

36 If either of you have experienced a significant trauma or emotional wound is it well understood and supported?

37 How supportive are you and your partner of each other’s career goals and personal aspirations?

38 Are there any conflicts arising from differences in career ambitions or priorities?

39 Do you both actively encourage and empower each other to pursue your dreams?

40 How well have you balanced your individual career ambitions and priorities while supporting each other’s personal and professional choices?