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Michael Myerscough

Founder of The Reconnection Institute

“Failed relationships are like a bullet wound. They make a small neat hole on the way in, but a massive mess on the way out. I’d love to help prevent you from having to go through the pain of separation or divorce.”

My couples work is based on the theories and practices developed by Terry Real, John Gottman and Sue Johnson. These people are all totally committed to saving marriages, as am I. I’m also a huge fan of Esther Perel, and Harville Hendrix. I am totally pro marriage and will do my utmost to get yours back on track as I believe the concept of divorce is largely mythical. You may divorce but if there are children in the equation you will be dealing with each other for the rest of your lives. Yes, your children will grow up but generally they’ll have your grandchildren so you and your ex will continue to co-exist. I believe you got married for a reason and once we shift some of the accumulated anger and resentment you, like so many other couples, will remember that reason.


Michael Myerscough specialises in solving the problems you’re experiencing in your relationship. He is known for his ability to tell you the truth in ways that you can hear. His ability to assist each of his clients in making the necessary changes have been well documented. He makes regular appearances on TV and in the media including as a presenter on Channel Nine’s twelve episode show about saving marriages “The Last Resort” and has also been featured on 7News and on 9Honey.

He’s been published in The Herald Sun, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Sun and The Daily Mirror. As well as monthly magazines such as Marie Claire, Psychologies, Zest and Cosmopolitan.

He trained at the Relational Life Institute in the USA under the personal guidance of its founder Terrence Real (Starting in 2007 when all training was face to face). Terry is one of the world’s leading couples’ therapists, bestselling author and TV personality. Terry has pioneered a groundbreaking approach called 'Relational Life Therapy' that specializes in reviving marriages on the brink of dissolution. Michael is the only master certified practitioner for The Relational Life Institute in the Southern Hemisphere. His practice is in The North Shore, Sydney.

In addition, Michael has completed an externship with Dr Scott R. Wooley the founder of San Diego Centre for Emotionally Focused Therapy which deals with the implications of adult attachment issues within intimate relationships. Emotionally Focused Therapy is one of the very few to have scientific research that demonstrates great results for couples in deep emotional distress.

Michael also completed the Divorce Busting intensive workshop for professionals with Michele Weiner-Davis because she is adamant that divorce is rarely the answer. She’s one of the best Divorce Busters in the business and uses a solution focussed family system model.

Born and raised in England, Michael found the training in the UK to be sadly outdated model. As a result of not wanting any part of continuing to facilitate a couples breakup he decided to travel for what is in many people’s opinion, including those of the researchers mentioned above, some of the best training in the world. This involved commuting between the UK and the US for several years and the results are worth it.

Michael’s skills in helping you recover your relationship come from a background of over 25 years as a counsellor (Adv. Cert. Couns.), a life coach (Coach U), qualification as a Master Practitioner of NLP with Richard Bandler and Master Certification with The Relational Life Institute, USA. He has trained extensively in hands on techniques that have measurable impact on how couples can work together to deescalate their pain. He has attended the foundation in Emotional Focused Therapy at the Bowlby Centre in London and completed the core skills training here in Australia. He has also completed the Gottman Method Couples Therapy levels 1 & 2 as well as their specialisations in Affair Recovery, PTSD, and working with couples in Addiction Recovery.

In answer to your most obvious questions, yes, he is highly skilled, and he gets results. You can check out the success stories here. His client’s results are the best testament to the fact that you can have the relationship you want for yourself.

You can contact relationship expert Michael Myerscough to enquire further about intensive relationship coaching and find out how he can help you.