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A road map to reconnection

Facing relationship collapse can be overwhelming, but our mission is to offer hope and a clear path forward. From tailored couples-retreats to insightful assessments, and plenty in between, we provide the guidance and support needed to transform your relationship to create a brighter future together.



Couples Therapy


Couple Intensive Retreats

My approach to relationship counselling is designed to get you back on track quickly and effectively. With over 20 years of experience dedicated solely to improving relationships, I take my responsibility to help you very seriously. I combine science-based coaching, therapy and accelerated learning techniques via intensive sessions that deliver rapid results by focusing on your unique challenges.

World-renowned relationship therapist, Terry Real, emphasises the stark difference between an effective and ineffective couples-retreat. I share his commitment to providing therapy that truly makes a difference. The Gottman’s' research supports this approach, showing a clear divide between thriving 'Masters' and struggling 'Disasters' in their 40-year study of 3,000 couples. My intensive sessions, or 'retreats’, as I like to call them, are designed to guide you from the Disaster Track to the Master Track, delivering high-impact, life-changing results.

If you're curious about my couples-retreat, visit my FAQ page for candid insights. Remember, marriage counselling is a significant investment. You deserve a professional who gets it right the first time, which is why I'm here to help.


“In my years of experience, I've witnessed countless relationships transform through the power of intensive therapy. Whether your marriage needs strengthening or is on the brink of dissolution, my research-driven approach equips you with proven tools to reform your communication, conflict resolution and emotional connection. Intensives are not just about therapy; they're about real, lasting change.”

Success Stories

In my 1st session with Michael I realised that Michael "got me" like no other professional ever has. Michael pin pointed issues that I have had for more than 50 years that have held me back. He has helped me to improve my life and save our marriage. Even better the work we did was respectful and a lot more entertaining that I would ever have thought possible.

The fact that Michael was able to tactfully work around my wall of resistance to even keep me in the room should be a testimony to his calibre as a therapist. Over the following four months he was able to dissect 12 years of marital dysfunction and elicit practical commitments from both of us to start rewriting our relationship. Michael has the uncanny ability to walk a fine line between empathy and calling you on your shit. If you’re convinced that your marriage is over - give yourself the gift of certainty that you really have tried your best.

If Michael can’t save your marriage then no one can and you can leave with a clear conscious. I promise you he will heal many of your wounds, give you great insight into your negative love patterns and he just might perform a miracle for your marriage.

Bob*Assessment session

Over the last 20 years we've tried so many different ways to improve our relationship. And truth be told I've hated them all. Michael's 2 day Couples Therapy Retreat was different. Very different. He understands that as a guy you just need to tell me what to do and then get me to practice it over and over again until I've got it. At points I felt like he drilled details into me, incredibly though I started using the skills as if they were natural for me. As a result his approach was so much more helpful than any other I've tried. 6 months later, my wife and I are still enjoying the benefits that come from using the new skills Michael has given us. I think we actually love each other more now than when we first met.

And - I don't say this lightly - this is a miracle because before working with Michael I was so unhappy I'd decided my best bet was to simply swallow the cost of divorce. It still makes me shudder now to think how close I came to losing my family. If you are considering doing the 2 day intensive, just do it, it gets the job done, fast.

Arthur and Claire*2 Day Intensive

We started out with a one-day intensive following a painful infidelity on my husband's part. I had all but given up hope of us ever reconnecting.

With Michael's help we transformed how we communicated and, most importantly, we were able to re-experience the connection and affection that had been lost for years due to my husband's distancing.

Three months into our work with Michael, I realised whilst out on a romantic date with my dramatically different husband that we'd become a couple people might observe and envy.
We cannot thank Michael enough for his help during this heartbreaking time in our marriage. I can honestly say we are stronger now than ever before. I would highly recommend Michael to any couple struggling and in desperate need.

Sabrina*1 Day Intensive

*Names have of course been changed.