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Hi there,

I know it wasn’t too long ago things were bad enough in your relationship that you went looking for help. I want to share something with you where someone else will tell you that you don’t have to stay stuck.

This is a testimonial from one of my clients. What it doesn’t say is that right before I met with them they were days from going their separate ways. In truth the level of hostility in the room we sat in was a little scarey. Fortunately, given the size of the estate they’d have had to split, the husband was hugely motivated to change.

I really do wish I could get you to understand that your life could be different, you’ve just got to be willing to show up. It doesn’t even take that long.

Best wishes,

‘My husband and I have been married for over 30 years and most of those years were spent raising our 6 children and striving to achieve goals that we had set for ourselves.  Imagine my dismay when we had accomplished almost everything we had dreamed about and we were a light year away from happy. 

Our many homes, cars, vacations and travels did little to cover up the fact that we had grown apart and rather than love and joy, anger and hurt seemed to prevail in our once happy relationship.

There was so much blame circling around us that we saw and felt little else.  I would not say that we were on the verge of divorce, but we found ourselves spending less time together and more time with other people.  Even our time with family brought us little joy.  Our children wondered out loud what had happened to their parents who used to laugh, dance, sing and lead a happy family. 

Without our direction, our whole family seemed to be slowly falling apart.  We sought help from many directions.  Counseling from traditional therapists brought little results.  They wanted to medicate us into oblivion or start us on a program that would take years to uncover what was at the core of our problems.  We didn’t believe that our marriage would survive years of reliving our past actions.  We needed someone to teach us how to communicate with each other in a way that would not be blaming or hurtful.

Along came Michael.  He was able to show me that being hurt did not give me the right to give hurt back.  He helped me to realize that I did not need to react with anger but responding with kindness achieved much of what I wanted and needed. 

I began to look at my husband as my friend and not the enemy.  He helped me to understand that I did not need to be the victim any longer.  I know that my husband felt the same way.  Remembering how much we loved each other and how much more love we had to give to each other worked miracles. 

Michael taught us that expressing our hurt and pain to each other knowing that we could trust each other was helpful. Rather than seeing  an opportunity to remember buttons to push in future conflict.  Please reread this statement again.  It is life changing. As Michael says ‘Kindness is king!’

There is so much more to say about the help we received from Michael and I could go on for pages.  Remember that our outlook on our marriage and ourselves took about six weeks of once a week meetings with Michael.  Real results in a very little time has us walking a totally different path and realizing joys that we thought were impossible to have in our lives again.

I hope that more couples will turn to the message that we have only heard from Michael.  All of you in Australia have a truly talented man who can bring love back into your relationships.  Lucky you!!’