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Although our specialty lies in guiding couples through the complex aftermath of infidelity, our systemic approach extends to a wide range of relationship issues. By identifying and addressing critical factors—communication blocks, emotional disconnection, challenges around intimacy and desire and substance abuse—we help couples understand the root causes of their struggles and equip them with tools to rebuild trust, hope, and commitment. Our tailored guidance ensures that each couple receives the personalised support they need to navigate their unique challenges and foster a stronger, healthier relationship.

A message from Michael Myerscough

Founder of The Reconnection Institute

Hello, I’m Michael Myerscough, whilst I understand you are currently in a lot of pain, I am really glad you found our site. I founded The Reconnection Institute with the belief that no relationship is beyond repair. Over the years, I’ve worked with countless couples who have faced the pain and heartache of infidelity. I’ve seen how it can shatter trust, breed bottomless insecurity, and leave people feeling hopeless about their relationship. I’ve also seen how, with the right guidance and support, couples can work through the challenges of infidelity and emerge stronger and more connected than ever.

Yes, it can be incredibly challenging to rebuild trust and intimacy following such a painful rupture, but I’m here to tell you that it’s possible. We specialise in providing evidence-based, highly nuanced and personalised intensives which result in a stronger, authentic and more fulfilling relationship.

Our commitment is to protect families by teaching couples to quickly begin repairing, rebuilding and reconnecting their fractured relationship. By guiding couples with compassion, curiosity and a little kick ass we provide the tools to engage in open, honest and vulnerable conversation at much deeper levels than you may be used to.

We provide a lifeline to those couples in crisis and a safe, supportive environment for them to recover from the unimaginable pain of infidelity.


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We work with an intensive, momentum-based focus that achieves results. Because we use a combination of evidence-based coaching and therapy you will get better, faster.

Couple Therapy Assessment

An initial assessment to systematically assess what has gone wrong, and how we can begin to repair the damage. This gives you the option of getting to know me before making a larger commitment.You are always welcome to just leap into a longer intensive with me.

Couples Intensive Retreats

These intensives not only allow for a deeper understanding of the dynamic you’re locked into, but also further understanding of the work that must happen in order to break out of the years of anger and resentment. If you value rapid progress, then these are for you.

Success Stories

When I contacted Michael regarding therapy it was with the explicit intent that he help us end our marriage in an amicable and conscious way for the sake of our children. This was our 3rd attempt at couples counselling and I was not interested in the least in "saving my marriage." I realise that if you're reading this you may be thinking "no one understands how bad your marriage is or could possibly have the tools to fix it". I was dealing with a spouse that had demonstrated drug, alcohol and sexual dysfunction and I had been more or less a single parent and primary provider while remaining in this shell of a marriage. What was left to save?

The fact that Michael was able to tactfully work around my wall of resistance to even keep me in the room should be a testimony to his calibre as a therapist. Over the following four months he was able to dissect 12 years of marital dysfunction and elicit practical commitments from both of us to start rewriting our relationship. Michael has the uncanny ability to walk a fine line between empathy and calling you on your shit. If you're convinced that your marriage is over - give yourself the gift of certainty that you really have tried your best.

If Michael can't save your marriage then no one can and you can leave with a clear conscious. I promise you he will heal many of your wounds, give you great insight into your negative love patterns and he just might perform a miracle for your marriage.


We met Michael, at a point where our marriage was at rock bottom and I was really struggling with how it was going. I wanted out, but something kept me wanting to make it work. We had seen marriage counsellors, before, but Michael, was different. He has a great knack of getting to the root of the issue, using humour and a lot of sensitivity; he understands your boundaries and knows when to cross them.

Needless to say, after three sessions, my wife and I were back in bed, making love (after seven years of no sex); our communication is improving, thanks to the tools, Michael offers and I finally feel like my wife, loves me and I love her - beyond the use of lip service. Michael, is a champion and I highly recommend his services. Thanks again mate!

Phillipa and Roger*

We stumbled across Michael’s site during a time of absolute marriage hell and upheaval. I thought my marriage was over. My husband turned around one morning out of the blue and said he was done with our 14 year marriage and he was attracted to someone else. I was completely blindsided and was at an utter loss. My whole world was destroyed in an instant.

I convinced him over the following days to try therapy and we were lucky to have been seen quite urgently by Michael due to a cancellation. Our first intensive session was just that. Intense. I heard that I never, ever dreamed I would hear. By the end of the intensive we had gone from being in initial divorce talks to having our first romantic date night in years half an hour after leaving Michael’s offices.

My husband was diagnosed with depression – something he was in denial about for years and which was one of the main reasons for his distraction with someone else. We have been able to totally turn around our lives on a personal level and also on a couple level too. With the help of Michael we have learnt how to communicate again, how to distinguish between our differing personalities, how to set boundaries, how to trust again, how to have a fantastic sex life and how to love again. Don’t think it will be easy though as Michael is a tough, straight shooter and he will take you places you have kept hidden in your psyche for years and he will identify exactly how your marriage got to the place it did. He will also make you look long and hard at your behaviour and how to fix the ‘unfixable’.

Michael more importantly is also a man of complete empathy, understanding, gentleness and total compassion. If your marriage is in crisis and you think it can’t be salvaged take a chance and just see. It is an investment for your future and money well spent. We credit Michael for bringing us back from a very dark place into a bright, happy, loving future.

Emma and Mario*

*Names have of course been changed.

Where is your Relationship?

If you are anything like most of the couples we work with, it’s likely that you have urgently been trying to figure out how to save your marriage. Whilst The Reconnection Institute focuses on infidelity, here are a selection of things you may want to deal with before it comes to that:

The sad fact is that it’s often only when the divorce papers have been signed, the contents of your home split and you’re sitting alone in your new place that reality sinks in. Only then will you realise the depth of what you gave up on when you gave up on each other.